How much can you save us on our overhead expenses?

While every client is different, the average savings is 25% – one quarter. Sometimes even more. And these are monthly recurring expenses, so they really add up.

How can you reduce costs but maintain quality?

Without giving away all our secrets, with our experience we are able to make sure you are getting the most cost-effective service packages to fill your company's needs. The providers are not necessarily going to share all the options that would give you the best deals.

Do we have to give up control of our accounts?

No, not at all. We don't take over your contracts with providers or vendors – you stay in control.

Will we have to change providers to save?

Usually not. We show you the savings we can get you with your current providers, and when there are other options, we will show you what your choices are. It is entirely up to you whether or not to change providers.

Do you just provide one-time savings?

No. We are typically able to provide our clients with ongoing savings.

How can you provide ongoing savings?

With our experience and our specialized software, we are able to continually monitor your costs and find opportunities for additional savings down the road.

How much of our time will this take?

We respect your time and take as little of it as possible. To get started we need to collect your account information. After that, we work independently and off-site. Then, it only takes minimal time for you to review our findings, and our monthly or quarterly reports.

Are you consultants or brokers?

We are consultants, not brokers in disguise. Brokers have deals with providers that provide them with overrides or kickbacks. If the prices they offer you go up over time, they make more, so they have no incentive to keep your costs down. We are different. We only share in your actual cost savings.

How do you get paid?

We share in the savings we find for you. That is why it is always in our best interests to work for your best interests.